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Vip American Roulette Stół (Betsoft Gaming)

Vip American Roulette Stół (Betsoft Gaming)

5/5 (475)
Roulette is a simple game which gives players the chance to win big. Vip American Roulette from Betsoft Gaming is based on standard American Double Zero Roulette, according to the standard rules of the Nevada Gaming Commission.

An ivory ball circles in the rotating roulette wheel that consists of 36 numbers plus 0 and 00. Eventually, the ball stops randomly on one of the 38 random numbers. You are to predict the outcome of each spin by placing bets in the fields of the Roulette table.

You wager against the bank, independently from other game participants. Your winnings will be based on how well you have predicted the ball's final resting-place by placing your chips accordingly.

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