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4 Seasons Automaty (Betsoft Gaming)

4 Seasons Automaty (Betsoft Gaming)

5/5 (234)
4 Seasons is a 5 Reel, 30 Line Video Slot with Free Spins, Rotating Multipliers, Block Multipliers, and Wild Symbols.

Enter the gorgeous world of 4 Seasons , based upon the ancient Chinese zodiac that has guided the steps of billions for years untold. From Horse to Snake, all the way around the wheel, each sign is present and ready to capture your heart. This game will leave you asking your friends: what’s your sign?


Seasonal Wheel
Winter, Spring, Summer, and Autumn. Every 30 spins, the calendar will progress. Each time the calendar wheel spins a Zodiac animal will become the Golden Animal. Several other animals will become Silver and Bronze as well. The Golden animal will pay 10x! The animals directly left and right of the Golden animal will become Silver and pay 5x! The 3 animals to the left and right of the Silver animals will pay 2x! Every 90 spins the seasons will change. NOTE: Seasonal Wheel rotates counterclockwise. Free Spins do not progress the Seasonal Wheel.

Block Win Combos
Every winning line pay that goes through a solid vertical block (all three rows) at least two reels across, excluding the wild symbol, will be multiplied depending on the size of the block. If the line pay goes through more than one separate block, both multiplies are applied together! NOTE: Block win combination multipliers will be applied in addition to the Seasonal Wheel symbol multipliers.

Yin Yang Free Spins
If 3 or more YIN YANG symbols occur anywhere on the reels, Free Spins will occur! Free Spins are played with the same bet as the triggering spin. Further free spins can be awarded during Free Spins.

Golden Cat Wilds
GOLDEN CAT symbols are WILD for all symbols except for the scatter YIN YANG symbol.

Double Up
After any standard payout you will have the opportunity to select the DOUBLE UP button on the bottom right portion of the game panel. A new panel will present itself to you, showing a coin and the option to predict if you think the next flip of the coin will be HEADS or TAILS. If you guess correctly your winnings will be doubled! An incorrect guess will result in the loss of your winnings. Double up as many times as you please, selecting the COLLECT button will return you to the game reels.

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