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Fashion Secrets Automaty (BetConstruct)

Fashion Secrets Automaty (BetConstruct)

4/5 (445)
Join "Fashion Secrets" and experience the neon-lit, luxury lifestyle of the world’s foremost style broadcaster. Expect fast-paced entertainment and lucrative jackpots, all with an exclusive FashionTV flavour. 

Fashion Secrets takes you to the catwalk where a group of attractive lingerie supermodels is displaying the latest trends in the world of fashion.

With 243 ways to win, Fashion Secrets offers incredible customised gameplay, where you can select your bet levels and coin values. Add to that a dramatic FashionTV scatter symbol, giving you the chance to win free spins boosted by a 3x multiplier, and a nifty Wild symbol, and you’re all set for some seriously stylish gameplay.

Fashion Secrets features 4 progressive jackpots, triggered at random if your current spin value is equal to or greater than the minimum qualifying bet for each jackpot level. From Mini and Minor through to Major and Mega, it’s no secret that these jackpots mean business!

Ready to experience it all? Give Fashion Secrets a spin!

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