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Fresh fruits Automaty (BetConstruct)

Fresh fruits Automaty (BetConstruct)

5/5 (646)
If you enjoy playing on fruit slots then be prepared for something completely different with Fresh Fruits from BetConstruct. A refreshing new design with incredible graphics, you’ll almost be able to taste the juicy tang as you play on the reels for cash prizes.

Imagine a tropical island getaway, with the moon shining bright in the sky after another long and hot day and you’ll have the set up to Fresh Fruits. You can forget about the old-fashioned basic fruit slots, with nothing more than a few scant cherries hanging on a reel, the design to this slot is nothing short of phenomenal.

The Fresh Fruits game takes place at the beachfront, with the gentle ocean gently lapping in the background. A lone deckchair awaits off the one side while exotic palm trees wave their fronds in the soft night breeze. Amidst this idyllic setting the five transparent reels hang invisibly in the air, and it’s here that you’ll find the 3D renditions of the fruit. Glossy, juicy and sumptuous, these are the perfect refreshing snacks in such a tropical location.

But you can forget about quenching your thirst with a drink or two as this slot wants you to have a smashing good time…quite literally. When you spin the reels and line up a win, the fruit will collide in the most violent of manners, blowing up in a juice explosion. This is nothing short of sheer fruiticide!

Play Fresh Fruits video slot and discover new adventures and make a step closer to your next win with BetConstruct!

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