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Sugar Glider Dice Automaty (Endorphina)

Sugar Glider Dice Automaty (Endorphina)

4/5 (941)
Roll the dice towards big wins with the Sugar Glider Dice!

Discover a perfect dice-rolling slot with the furry brave ninja who plays against the evil praying mantis to protect the woods! Those who support him will never regret it – as big wins are only a lucky spin away!

Sugar Glider Dice is a new take on the popular title Sugar Glider. In this version, dices will roll instead of the classic fruits, as our little sugar glider juggles with them on the reels just for you.

Make sure you search for a symbol with the praying mantis on the reels. This symbol is the Wild and expands during the gameplay. When this happens, the real fun begins – so watch closely for what is about to happen!

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