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Jacks Or Better Poker (BetConstruct)

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Jacks Or Better Poker (BetConstruct)

Jacks Or Better Poker (BetConstruct)

5/5 (871)
Jacks or Better is able to provide one extra product variation for you to play your way through. Game play is basically the same as any other version of this product, but it provides it in a classic scenario instead. The great thing about playing Jacks or Better as a video poker game is that it offers up a simple and standard version of the product to play through whilst it’s also highly entertaining in its own way.

The game is played with a standard deck which has no wild cards. The maximum bet varies depending on the number of hands you play. You can choose to play one, five, ten or twenty-five hands simultaneously. The theoretical payout is bigger in a case of 25 hands. After starting the game, you are dealt five cards of a starting hand. You can hold the cards you want to keep in every hand you play to build combos. The discarded ones are replaced for newly drawn. Each hand is drawn from a separate deck. Different winning combos will stack and make up the whole winning. The payout table is located on the left side of the screen and changes according to the bet level, but the coin value doesn’t change it.

As most of the video poker games do, this one has a bonus round which offers to gamble and doubles up your winnings. Just press the Gamble button whenever you have a winning combo. You can switch to automatically gamble in the settings. In this round, you are offered to guess the suit color of a down-faced card. You can play up to five rounds in a single time, but whenever you lose an attempt, your money will disappear.

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